NCHSAA: Agrees to meet with state senators on Wednesday afternoon

Published Tuesday, July 27th, 2021


RALEIGH — State senators and officials from the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) will meet Wednesday to discuss House Bill 91.

The NCHSAA accepted an offer to talk at 2 p.m. on Wednesday in Raleigh, as House Bill 91 continues to be a hot topic of conversation and action by the North Carolina General Assembly.


House Bill 91, if passed, would eliminate the NCHSAA as the governing body of high school athletics in the state in the school year 2022-23. The bill also stipulates NCHSAA officials would have to sign an agreement in order to function and govern high school athletics this coming school year.

The bill proposes a 17-member committee be formed to replace the NCHSAA. Those positions would be appointed by the governor (nine), state senate (four) and state house (four). — which has led coverage of the battle between legislators and the NCHSAA over a wide range of concerns that include finances and lack of transparency by the NCHSAA — reports NCHSAA commissioner Que Tucker, members of the NCHSAA staff, some members of the NCHSAA board of directors and attorneys intend to take part in Wednesday’s meeting.

Tucker has been vocal about many of the contentions made by state legislators, who conducted an investigation that revealed, among other things, that the NCHSAA had fined member schools more than $400,000 over a five-year period.

Last week, Tucker noted previous men in her management position were not questioned about NCHSAA finances during their tenures. She also said she feels the controversy surrounding the NCHSAA has been generated, in part, because she is an African-American woman.


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