HIGH SCHOOLS: NCHSAA board says it’s OK with revised House Bill 91

Published Tuesday, November 16th, 2021

State Board of Education will oversee

virtually all actions by non-profit organization




RALEIGH – A revised House Bill 91 has been completed, and the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) said Tuesday it won’t oppose it.

The bill has had several revisions since initially drafted – its original language included disbanding the NCHSAA – and the latest changes come after meetings of NCHSAA officials with the State Board of Education (SBOE).

A vote on the bill is expected Wednesday. It is expected to receive bi-partisan support and Gov. Roy Cooper’s office has indicated to legislators he will sign it into law.


Under the revised bill, the SBOE would have oversight over the NCHSAA.

The NCHSAA released a statement by Hendersonville High principal Bobby Wilkins, chairman of its board of directors, on Tuesday (Board Response to rewrite of HB 91 11162021).

NCHSAA Commissioner Que Tucker did not issue a statement. She has previously said she did not feel legislative action of oversight of the NCHSAA was necessary (https://hobbsdailyreport.com/north-carolina-high-school-athletic-association/nchsaa-commissioner-questions-why-others-in-her-position-werent-scrutinized/)

The legislation puts the SBOE in control of nearly all aspects of governing high school athletics in North Carolina. It includes a requirement the NCHSAA sign a memo of understanding (Void of that agreement HB91 sponsors planned to find another non-profit organization to oversee prep sports in the state).

In an investigation that began after an extensive legislative review of finances, policies, open meetings and public records and other concerns, HB91 quickly moved to the forefront in Raleigh.

The NCHSAA has $41 million in assets and a reported $26 million in an endowment fund it has since closed.

Among things legislators questioned was more than $400,000 in fines the NCHSAA collected from its member schools over a five-year period.

In HB91, the SBOE says the NCHSAA can develop a demerit system regarding rule violations by its member schools but it can no longer collect fines.

Although the bill does not specifically mention requiring public acknowledgement of rule violations, etc., Sen. Vickie Sawyer (R-Iredell) — one of the HB91 sponsors — said NCHSAA officials will be expected to follow the same public record laws as any other organization that is a state entity or that works with the SBOE.

REVISED HOUSE BILL 91: nov16housebill91

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