NCHSAA: Commissioner questions why others in her position weren’t scrutinized

Published Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

Tucker says she believes her race,

gender are part of the situation she is facing



RALEIGH — In an exclusive interview with HighSchoolOT’s Nick Stevens, the commissioner of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) raises the question of why previous commissioners were not also questioned about the association’s Endowment Fund.


While answering questions from Stevens a day after news broke that the North Carolina General Assembly is working on House Bill 91, Que Tucker said she feels her race and gender have been a part of why some questions are being asked.

The NCHSAA has an estimated net worth of $41 million in assets and the Endowment Fund balance is reported to exceed $26 million.

Those finances and other questions about Tucker’s tenure have been a subject in investigations conducted by a subcommittee of the legislature that has been ongoing.

The General Assembly is working with a revised House Bill 91, which would eliminate the NCHSAA after the next school year and replace it with a 17-member commission appointed by government officials.

The NCHSAA could function in the 2021-22 school year if it agreed to some conditions, the bill says, but would then be disbanded before the next school year begins.

Tucker speaks with Stevens on a wide variety of topics and, responding to a specific question from Stevens, voiced her believes about how her race and gender have played a role in requests by legislators for information and in how she has been treated during the process.


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