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Thanks for visiting HobbsDailyReport.com, where you will find more than 7,000 posts about local sports since we started a bit more than five years ago.

We continue to grow in readership and enjoy providing a place that sports fans in the Greater Hickory area can count on, a site where they are a click away from picking up scores, schedules and the latest news among the 21 schools in the Catawba Valley 2A Athletic, Western Foothills 3A and Northwestern 3A-4A plus Draughn and Patton.

We are about to start prepping for the 2022-2023 school year… and first up is football. Our website is known for its extensive coverage of high school football and our in-depth knowledge of the history of what it all means, as editor and content coordinator Chris Hobbs is entering his 47th consecutive season.


As we continue in Hobbs’ sixth decade (’70s through 2020s) of work, we have opportunities for readers and businesses to support our journalism and help HobbsDailyReport.com remain free for everyone.

Even though we are a staff of two — Hobbs and also graphic and photos as her schedule allows from Myra Hobbs — there are expenses that come with owning a website. Advertisers who step up and purchase ad(s) in a show of support of our work and student-athletes in the region provide readers another opportunity/avenue to keep up with high school sports.

We can produce ads that when clicked go directly to your website, and HobbsDailyReport.com is the most timely media covering schools over an eight-county area because Hobbs works on the site daily, 7 days a week, and has established working relationships with every school.

We have a long list of stories/developments that you’ve been able to read first at our website… often days before you read anything by other media in the area. And when news develops, no media can provide the insight, prospective and record-keeping that HobbsDailyReport.com can.

A Catawba County native, Hobbs (63) is not only the longest-serving still active sports writer whose career focus has been on high school coverage (46-plus years), he’s also the longest serving sports writer, on any beat, still active in the state of North Carolina.

Follow us… and if you are interested in joining our team by purchasing a monthly ad (or one for a specific season or the full 2022-2023 school year), contact Hobbs at chobbs001@att.net. We can work with your budget to develop an ad you can afford and one that accompanies what you’d like to be associated with.

We thank our current advertisers — Dwayne Wilson Insurance (https://www.dwaynewilsoninsurance.com/), Burke Mortuary (https://www.burkemortuary.com/), The Athletes Lab (https://www.athleteslab.org/) and Bennett Funeral Home (https://www.bennettfuneralservice.com/) — for their faithful support.

We also thank our radio partners, WNNC in Newton ( https://mytotalradio.com/wnnc/) and WLON in Lincolnton (http://wlon1050am.com/), for working together on providing exposure for local high school sports.

It’s always good to see local people helping to carry on the tradition in the Hickory area of making high school athletics an important part of the education process.

Contact us to discuss adding your ad or to make suggestions on how we can improve HobbsDailyReport.com. Our plan for this school year is to continue providing information on every varsity sport, and we’ll again follow junior varsity football.

Lord willing, we have set a goal of working with high schools for 50 years… which means HobbsDailyReport.com will hopefully be a part of your daily routine for another four years. We’ll get though the 2025 football season and see where we are.

Thanks for visiting our website and thanks for supporting local student-athetes, which is our goal as well.


Chris and Myra Hobbs


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