Chris (right) and Myra (left) hope you enjoy HobbsDailyReport.com.
We are actively seeking additional advertisers… as we continue to want our website to serve readers for FREE.
The only way we can do that is through ad buys… and we can provide ads to meet small and large budgets.
We sell ads for fall sports, winter sports or spring sports and would love to have buyers support our effort for a full school year.
For more info, contact Chris at chobbs001@att.net.
We can do ads for as little as $25 a month… and our website has drawn more than 1 million page views since April 2017.
Our coverage is the most timely you will find and our ability to put what happened in proper context is top notch, as Chris is the longest active sportswriter (preps, college or pros) working in North Carolina.

We’ve completed high school varsity previews for 2022 and appreciate the patience and understanding for the delay — our website crashed at mid-day on Aug. 19 (opening night) and was down for four days. We also had a number of delays in receiving return information from head coaches.

As a result, HobbsDailyReport.com regrets it will not have season previews on these schools that did not return info (if info is received, we’ll try to get one up): Patton, South Caldwell, Statesville, Watauga and West Caldwell.

Keep in mind, as we do, schools are under no obligation to provide information — requested at one of their busiest times — and we’ll still cover those schools (among 24 that we follow) through the season with the same effort we always have.

This is HobbsDailyReport.com’s sixth football season and the 47th for editor and contend coordinator Chris Hobbs. He has covered prep football at many of these schools since they opened their doors.

Our content remains FREE only because we have three companies that believe in our product and in the value of high school sports in our communities.

My wife (Myra) and I — our website is a family project — ask that if you have an opportunity to speak with or e-mail these folks, please do so. They provide this website to you.

You can contact them by clicking on their ads on HobbsDailyReport.com, which will take you to their individual webpages, or click the links below:

Dwayne Wilson Insurance, Maiden: https://www.dwaynewilsoninsurance.com/

Burke Mortuary, Newton and Maiden: https://www.burkemortuary.com/

The Athletes Lab, Maiden: https://www.athleteslab.org/

Finally, a shout out to Dwayne, Michael (Burke) and the Remberts (Grant, Aaron)… for allowing me to continue to do what I love.

I am, I guess, semi-retired but still work anywhere from 40-60 hours a week — often more — to provide coverage of the Catawba Valley 2A Athletic, Western Foothills 3A, Northwestern 3A-4A plus Draughn and Patton. We attempt to follow all sports and our main focus in varsity football.

Please contact me at chobbs001@att.net with comments, suggestions, complaints as we give it our best shot again because we love high school athletics and enjoy providing exposure for the area’s student-athletes.

I am trying to check now to learn if I have reached having covered a grandfather or grandmother and also their grandkid(s). That’s a goal — three generations — before considering retirement.

One of the most enjoyable things about having this website is that I am working with sponsors who understand how and why I do what I do — I covered Dwayne Wilson and later this son when they played football at Maiden; also Aaron and Grant as stars at MHS (and now others from the Rembert clan); and student-athletes from Michael Burke’s family, including most recently his niece in basketball at Bandys.

With their help and encouragement and guidance from a former multi-talented co-worker — Chad Austin (https://chadaustin.com/) — HobbsDailyReport.com came into being.

Years ago, when Chad would pass my desk, he usually asked me the same question: “Why are you here, making this company money because people read and follow your work… get out of here and do this for yourself”… Chad got a phone call about 20-plus years later and had one question, LOL — “What took you so long?”

Warmest regards,

Chris Hobbs

Editor-Content Coordinator

HobbsDailyReport.com (chobbs001@att.net)

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