AN UPDATE: Progress is slow but we’re on way back

We’re happy to report editor and content coordinator Chris Hobbs is making some progress — and is able to post some items on the website — as he continues what will be a long recovery from a severely broken right arm/shoulder.


Up until now the pain has been too severe for Hobbs, who is right-handed, to write or type. He still can’t use the arm for long periods of time but is heading toward daily/nightly postings that was created to provide FREE for area sports fans.

He is in the early stages of physical therapy — reduce pain first, then strengthen arm — and that is anticipated to take 14-16 weeks. After that, natural healing (hopefully) will take over… doctors project the arm/shoulder will not completely healed until March 2024. turned 6 earlier this month, and is anxious to get back to its normal work on high school teams in the Catawba Valley 2A Athletic, Western Foothills 3A, Northwestern 3A-4A plus Draughn and Patton.

As we normally have in the spring, our posts will include Hickory Crawdads info and how local athletes in pro baseball are doing. You can visit us nightly to see how Hayden Deal (Braves minor leagues) and Hunter Harvey (Washington Nationals) are doing… and when Chris heals a bit more we hope to add Madison Bumgarner (Arizona Diamondbacks).


As soon as Chris can write/record the scores — he has still being keeping up with them every day — he will develop standings in prep baseball, softball and girls soccer and also get back to posting¬† weekly and daily prep schedule.

To answer multiple inquires: Chris fell (about 6 feet forward) on a day while he and Myra spent 30 days in her native Philippines, where we have bought a small house and are doing improvements, etc., for a home her family will live in and we will stay when we visit family.

After four days before our scheduled flight home (March 10), Chris fell while approaching our youngest niece. The fall’s impact was directly on a bone(s) that join the arm and shoulder, and it generated five fractures in a left-to-right line of the major bone that connects the arm and shoulder.

We thank you for your get well wishes and for your patience as Chris is our only content person and just hasn’t physically been able to provide the volume of information you are accustomed to.

Stick with us. We’ll gain our speed. We are not going anywhere — count on us.

Best wishes,

Myra and Chris

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