AN IMPORTANT UPDATE: We’re battlin’ back, catchin’ up

Published Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

Chris is slowly improving


Hello loyal readers of

I’m Myra Hobbs, a partner in — which turns age 6 next week — with an important update on why we have been out of the mix and now letting you know our current game plan.


Basically, my husband Chris has a severe broken right arm, no use of arm, can’t write or sign name and can only type with 1 finger on left hand.

Coaches, please help by continuing to report scores, etc., nightly. He was keeping scores while we were overseas… and will post standings, etc., soon as he can type well enough)… when pain/soreness diminishes.

He is an old grump because he can’t do what he has done every spring of last 47 years.

In-mid-February, we took a vacation to my hometown — San Pablo City, Philippines — for a 1-month visit with my family, including Chris visiting his beloved nieces for the first time in person face-to-face. We thanked God for that visit.

On March 10, a week before our flight home, he walked to pick up the youngest niece. She did not see uncle coming and walked back in house. When he followed, he stepped wrong approaching cement entry and fell forward on to concrete, first contact being right arm/shoulder.

First x-rays there indicate humrous break and cast on.

First x-rays in U.S., 5 fractures — physical therapy starts Weds.; he wants pain gone and to get back to work,

We’re sorry if we don’t have items at our usual speed but we are battlin’ back.

Thanks for understanding, your patience and please add us to your prayer list.

Chris has set a goal of 50 football seasons with No. 48 coming in August.


Myra and Chris

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