HIGH SCHOOL SCHEDULE: Thursday’s varsity events (our 6,000th post)

Published Thursday, January 14th, 2021

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Basic guidelines for basketball games in the three area conferences … fans are reminded starting times, etc., could be adjusted on a game-by-game basis and fans should call the home school to assure arriving by the designated starting time of a specific game(s):
Limited to 25 fans per game, with gym being cleared and cleaned after each game. Those 25 fans will be from the home team only, with an admission of $7 per game.
Tickets can be purchased from the home team and will be sold only to parents of players on a roster or parents of cheerleaders (two tickets per play, one ticket per cheerleader).
All games are available via livestreaming (https://www.sfcnetwork.tv/) at a cost of $15 per device for each game.
All of the league teams except Lake Norman Charter will play four games at one location – junior varsity girls at 4 p.m., followed by varsity girls, junior varsity boys and varsity boys.
Lake Norman Charter games will begin at 4:30 p.m.
Junior varsity games will be 16-minute halves with a running clock (except foul shots, timeouts) and the final two minutes of each half will not including a running clock.
Limited to 25 fans per game, with gym being cleared and cleaned after each game.
Those 25 fans will be from the home team only — with an admission of $6 per game — and those 25 tickets will be made available first to parents of home team players.
Games will be played in this order: junior varsity girls, junior varsity boys, varsity girls, varsity boys.
If there are four games at one site, start time for JV girls is 4 p.m.; if three games at one site, start time for JV boys is 4:30 p.m.
Each school is working on ability to livestream games and that information will be shared on HobbsDailyReport.com when received from each school.
The conference issued this advisory: northwestern basketball guidelines


High school varsity events scheduled Thursday for games involving teams from the South Fork 2A, Northwestern Foothills 2A and Northwestern 3A-4A.

Games listed are from original schedules from the schools and game schedules that have been since changed may not be included.

Read basic guidelines for basketball games, provided by each conference (in graphic):


Northwestern Foothills 2A

Bunker Hill at W. Caldwell

E. Burke at Draughn, ppd., no date

Patton at Hibriten (girls only; boys, ppd., no date)

W. Iredell at Fred T. Foard (girls only; boys, ppd., Jan. 29


Second round state playoffs


No. 8 Fred T. Foard (15-0) at No. 1 R-S Central (13-0), 6 p.m.

No. 13 Patton (13-2) at No. 5 W. Stokes (14-0)


No. 9 W. Henderson (10-1) at No. 1 Watauga (11-1)

No. 12 Hickory (10-3) at No. 4 Cox Mill (15-0), 6 p.m.


No. 5 Providence (15-0) at No. 4 McDowell (8-4)


Northwestern Foothills 2A

Patton, Fred T. Foard at Hickory YMCA, 4 p.m.

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