HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL: Most career wins in Greater Hickory area

After 34 years as a prep baseball head coach, –including the last 32 at Hickory — David Craft is closing in on 500 career wins. The Red Tornadoes were 11-11 this season, improving Craft’s record to 474-305 at his alma mater and 494-324 overall (other games as West Iredell head coach). His teams have averaged 11.5 wins per season over the last 10 years, putting him six away from No. 500./HICKORY HIGH PHOTO

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Unofficial career win totals for head baseball coaches with at least 100 victories from those in the Catawba Valley 2A Athletic, Western Foothills 3A and Northwestern 3A-4A:

Head coach                                     Record                  Years

David Craft, Hickory                      494-324                    34

Pete Hardee, Alex Central           469-348                    na

Jeff Parham, S. Caldwell             445-113                      21

Chris Matile, E. Lincoln              278-161                      17

Channon Vogel, Foard                 173-146                    17

Frank Porter, Bandys                   144-137                    13

Notes: Craft (W. Iredell) and Hardee (Watauga) were head coaches at other schools… next closest to 100 wins: Jonathan Browning, Patton (88, 9 years), Corey Nunley, Newton-Conover (78, 18 years); Michael Windish, Watauga (62, 8 years)… The leaders by conference are: Porter, Bandys in Catawba Valley 2A Athletic, Craft, Hickory in Western Foothills 3A, and Hardee, Alexander Central in Northwestern 3A-4A… Hardee and Parham have combined 914 career wins… The top three in the Western Foothills 3A – Craft, Matile of East Lincoln and Vogel of Foard havc combine 945 career victories.

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