HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: South Fork 2A passing leaders for 2020 season

Published Monday, July 19th, 2021

Maiden High’s Ethan Rhodes was the leading passer last season in the South Fork 2A, throwing for an unofficial average of  236.1 yards per game and for 14 touchdowns. He returns to lead the Blue Devils, who are now in the Catawba Valley 2A Athletic Conference, and he was one of four quarterbacks who threw for more than 100 yards per game in the South Fork 2A./HUDL PHOTO


COMING TUESDAY: Receiving leaders for the Northwestern 3A-4A in 2020



Top 10s in the South Fork 2A for the 2020 spring football season, as compiled by HobbsDailyReport.com. All totals are unofficial and players who were underclassmen are indicated by bold.

The statistics are copyrighted by HobbsDailyReport.com and can’t be reprinted or used in broadcast without a waiver of that copyright from Chris Hobbs. To request a copyright waiver, contact Hobbs at chobbs001@att.net:


                                                                                           A-C-I                Yds             PG            TDs

Ethan Rhodes, Maiden                                     104-182-9       1,653         236.1           14

Tyler Mizzell, E. Lincoln                                  85-134-2         1,173           167.5          13

Connor Williams, Lincolnton                          58-114-6             796             132.5          na

Justice Craig, Newton-Conover                      57-91-9               699              116.5            2

*Trey Shearer, Bandys                                     41-86-10            448                 74.6             3

Mason Huitt, W. Lincoln                                    26-59-5                550               68.7           5

Kyle Kovalchuk, N. Lincoln                        15-39-0                250               41.6                4

Jack Carter, N. Lincoln                                       10-20-1                    179               29.8           1

*–will play this season at R-S Central


Compiling conference leaders, which HobbsDailyReport.com’s Chris Hobbs started in 1995, is a cooperative effort that includes gathering statistics from individual schools and other media who contribute in return for receiving the finished product.

Media contributing to the South Fork 2A stats: The Lincolnton Times News (via David Keever).

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