HIGH SCHOOLS: Report says state legislators, NCHSAA closer to an agreement

Published Thursday, September 23rd, 2021



RALEIGH — State legislators and the North Carolina High School Athletic Association moved one step closer to an agreement about governing high athletics in the state, the N.C. Associated Press reported in a story on Thursday.


The GOP lawmakers from both chambers said legislators from both parties met Wednesday with representatives of Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, the State Board of Education and NCHSAA “to discuss the best pathway forward” on legislation, the story said.

The AP reporting said the NCHSAA’s top leadership downplayed the announcement. For now, the association and its governing board remain opposed to the bill, association Commissioner Que Tucker said.

“We know there are still many hurdles to clear before we can reach an agreement with the State Board of Education,” Tucker said in a statement included in the AP story. “Once we can turn our attention to formally working with the (education board) without legislative involvement, we hope to continue the long-standing cooperation between the association and (board) to lead high school athletics.”

One N.C. Senator quoted in the story said it “is absolutely our intent” to require the NCHSAA to be subject to state open meeting and public records laws, but that senator did not not know if it will be spelled out in the bill.

ASSOCIATED PRESS STORY: https://apnews.com/article/sports-education-north-carolina-high-school-sports-school-athletics-415670ff3d8a6bb573a4d17b409e9482

HIGHSCHOOLOT STORY ON THE SITUATION: https://www.highschoolot.com/lawmakers-claim-deal-reached-on-hb-91-nchsaa-says-it-remains-opposed/19890910/

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