HS FOOTBALL 2018: Blue Devils have most 10-win seasons since 1980

Published Thursday, July 5th, 2018

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(South Fork 2A, Northwestern Foothills 2A, Northwestern 3A-4A)

School                                                       10-win years                                Most wins

Maiden                                                           18                                                       14 in 1992, 2004

Newton-Conover                                      13                                                       15 in 2008

Lincolnton                                                     12                                                        14 in 2005, 2010, 2011

Bandys                                                           11                                                         14 in 1996, 1997, 2002

Freedom                                                         10                                                       12 in 2012

Hibriten                                                          9                                                         16 in 2017

E. Lincoln                                                       8                                                         16 in 2014

Hickory                                                            6                                                        16 in 1996

E. Burke                                                           4                                                         12 in 2007

S. Caldwell                                                       4                                                         12 in 2012

W. Caldwell                                                     4                                                          12 in 1987

Alexander Central                                      3                                                          11 in 1983

Watauga                                                          3                                                          12 in 2006

W. Iredell                                                         2                                                           11 in 1986

Bunker Hill                                                      1                                                           11 in 1987

Fred T. Foard                                                   1                                                          10 in 1982

N. Lincoln                                                         1                                                          10 in 2007

Draughn                                                           0                                                                  —

Lake Norman Charter                               0                                                                  —

McDowell                                                         0                                                                   —

Patton                                                                0                                                                   —

St. Stephens                                                   0                                                                   —

W. Lincoln                                                        0                                                                   —

SOURCE: HobbsDailyReport.com research and files.

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