HOBBSDAILYREPORT.COM: Coming soon, our premium content subscription

Published Tuesday, August 6th, 2019


HobbsDailyReport.com will soon launch a premium subscription, payable online, for local sports coverage in the Catawba Valley.
We will continue to have an area of free content, as we have since our launch in April of 2017, and we’re adding a more detailed area for our readers who enjoy our top shelf coverage in these high school sports: varsity football, varsity girls’ and boys’ basketball, baseball and softball. All other sports coverage will be in the free area of the website.
We’ll have the registration, etc., for premium content available online soon – well in front of the first varsity football games on Aug. 23 – and here’s the breakdown:
Monthly, starting with August 2019 — $8.95 with $1 of every subscription reserved for use in the high schools that we cover in the Catawba Valley. We will give those funds to each school’s athletic department and ask they use it in a way that benefits their student-athletes.
— School year, starting with August 2019 — $85, a savings of $22.40 per year, with $5 of each subscription reserved for use in the high schools.
For more information, email hobbsdailyreport@gmail.com.

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