STATE BOYS DUAL-TEAM TENNIS: Championships moved to Greensboro, indoors

CHAPEL HILL – With rainy weather expected on Saturday, the state boys’ dual-team tennis championships are moving from Burlington to the Piedmont Indoor Tennis Center in Greensboro, the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) announced Friday.

There are only eight courts available at the new site, and the NCHSAA revised Saturday’s schedule.



No. 1 Raleigh Charter (16-1) vs. No. 1 LINCOLN CHARTER (16-1), 11:30 a.m.


No. 1 – Harrison Tseng (Raleigh Charter) vs. Parker Powell (Lincoln Charter)

No. 2 – Joseph Fisher (Raleigh Charter) vs. Jimmy Sherrill (Lincoln Charter)

No. 3 – Arjun Juneja (Raleigh Charter) vs. Jackson Law (Lincoln Charter)

No. 4 – Arya Battula (Raleigh Charter) vs. Scott Noftsger (Lincoln Charter)

No. 5 – Griffin Whalen (Raleigh Charter) vs. Alex Orr (Lincoln Charter)

No. 6 – Ranbir Pal (Raleigh Charter) vs. Cutter Law (Lincoln Charter)


No. 1 Carrboro (15-2) vs. No. 1 Brevard (15-0), 11:30 a.m.


No. 1 – Zach Anderson (Carrboro) vs. Liam Baer (Brevard)

No. 2 – Andre Javan (Carrboro) vs. Charles Kang (Brevard)

No. 3 – Ben Lu (Carrboro) vs. Aidan Spradlin (Brevard)

No. 4 – Jake Twer (Carrboro) vs. Cullen Duval (Brevard)

No. 5 – Cal Baruch (Carrboro) vs. Bryce Spradlin (Brevard)

No. 6 – John Blobe (Carrboro) vs. Riley Burton (Brevard)


No. 1 Clayton (18-0) vs. No. 1 Asheville (18-0), 8:30 a.m.


No. 1 – Banks Evans (Clayton) vs. Zach Theodossiou (Asheville)

No. 2 – Sam Jones (Clayton) vs. Meade Olson (Asheville)

No. 3 – Foster Evans (Clayton) vs. Henry Kelso (Asheville)

No. 4 – Christopher Riley (Clayton) vs. Caleb Owen (Asheville)

No. 5 – Jacob Granger (Clayton) vs. Paul Kelso (Asheville)

No. 6 – Dillon Hyde (Clayton) vs. Drew Neill (Asheville)


No. 1 Raleigh Enloe (19-0) vs. No. 1 Myers Park (17-0), 8:30 a.m.


No. 1 – Rohan Sachdev (Enloe) vs. Mark Dillon (Myers Park)

No. 2 – Michael Ogundele (Enloe) vs. Sam Dean (Myers Park)

No. 3 – Ethan Saber (Enloe) vs. Walker Browne (Myers Park)

No. 4 – Nathan Griffith (Enloe) vs. Charlie Fox (Myers Park)

No. 5 – Revanth Bobba (Enloe) vs. Ben Richards (Myers Park)

No. 6 – Naveen Reddy (Enloe) vs. Charlie Reinery (Myers Park)

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