HIGH SCHOOL SCHEDULES: Please read, effective immediately!

Published Sunday, August 22nd, 2021



Effective immediately, all listings of high school sports schedules — in every sport — are subject to change… so previously posted junior varsity and varsity football schedules (2021) may or may not be accurate (they were as of the date they were posted).


Because of COVID-19 and for other reasons, timely open lines of communication may not be as consistent as they have been in the past.

The athletic directors and departments at the schools in the Catawba Valley 2A Athletic Conference, Western Foothills 3A and Northwestern 3A-4A are super busy and diligently trying to first address the needs of their schools and student-athletes and then inform the public/media about scheduling/changes.

Until further notice, HobbsDailyReport.com will continue to address changes — and post them, as we have been doing — as soon as they are made available.

Here’s how:

— We will leave the original postings of junior varsity and varsity football schedules as they currently are. Each school’s varsity schedule is posted; do a search of the conference name.

— We will post the junior varsity and varsity football scheduled games for each league by no later than the Sunday before those games, with the most current information available heading into the week. These schedules will be updated any time we are notified of a change.

— Our weekly high school sports schedule of events — all varsity sports and JV football — will be posted by Sunday nights and be information that has been updated. The weekly schedule will be updated ever day to reflect any changes.

— We will continue to post a daily schedule of events — all sports — Monday through Saturday as soon as possible each morning. This schedule will be a mixture of playing dates on the original schedules provided by schools and any updated information with start times if made available.

THIS WILL BE the most consistent way to review high school events happening on a given day, again with updated information direct from ADs and athletic departments updated when received.

Our goal will be to keep the public and fans updated as quickly as we can. While your school or the host school are available with more specifics — including their own COVID protocol (or lack thereof) — we will make the pages of HobbsDailyReport.com available to any athletic department in the three local leaguest (plus Draughn and Patton) that wants to send us updates.

We are NOT directly related with any of the high schools in the CVAC 2A, Western Foothills 3A and Northwestern 3A-4A but maintain nearly daily contact with officials at each school regarding athletics in their conferences. We are also continuing to provide info on (work with) Draughn and Patton but are not listing complete schedules of all the other schools in those two leagues.

We again thank our sponsoring advertisers — whose ads are prominently displayed throughout our website — for allowing local sports fans to receive our content for FREE. They are doing so as a show of community support for the area athletic departments and youth in an eight-county area (Alexander, Ashe, Burke, Catawba, Caldwell, Iredell, Lincoln and Watauga).

Everyone, be safe!


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