MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL: Braves list Deal’s seventh start as Sunday at Biloxi

Published Thursday, June 10th, 2021

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The Mississippi Braves have indicated the next start for former Bandys High left-hander Hayden Deal will come on Sunday.

Deal (1-2, 3.97 ERA) pitched four innings on Tuesday night in the Braves’ win over Biloxi, Miss., and he is scheduled to make his seventh start of the year when Mississippi closes a series at Biloxi.

Game time on Sunday is 2:05 p.m.

Deal has 22 strikeouts in 26 2/3 innings this season, his first in Double-A.

He has now pitched in 70 pro games since being signed as a free agent by the Atlanta Braves. He has 233 strikeouts in 255 1/3 innings pitched.

Deal’s eighth start of the year will depend on whether the Braves use a five or six-man rotation.

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