HIGH SCHOOLS: NCHSAA’s Tucker says no agreement in place with state legislators

Published Friday, September 24th, 2021



CHAPEL HILL — The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) on Friday said it has not reached an agreement with state legislators as discussions of House Bill 91 move forward, a published story says.


HighSchoolOT.com has posted a story that says NCHSAA Commissioner Que Tucker continues to be concerned about the future of the organization and ongoing work on HB 91.

After a meeting on Wednesday between state legislators and the State Board of Education that included NCHSAA personnel, a group of Republicans who have spearheaded HB 91 announced on Thursday they have reached an agreement with the NCHSAA about moving forward.

The group of legislators did not provide any specifics of the agreement they indicated they have reached with the NCHSAA.

HighSchoolOT.com reports Tucker still has concerns about HB 91 and how the work will be done to develop a memo of agreement between the NCHSAA and the State Board of Education.

At first, HB 91 spelled out legislation, if voted into law, that would dismantle the NCHSAA and replace it with a group — appointed by legislators — that would regulate high school athletics in the state.

The bill has since been amended to seek a memo of agreement with a broad list of requirements that NCHSAA would need to follow in order for the current staff and organization to continue in their roles.

The current bill includes a deadline of reaching an agreement between the parties as Oct. 15, which Tucker said in the story would be difficult to meet.

Among the primary concerns the legislators of talked about are oversight of monies on hand and taken in by the NCHSAA, making the association subject to open meetings laws and public records laws and dealing with appeals and the process by which the NCHSAA handles them.

NEWEST HIGH SCHOOL OT STORY: https://www.highschoolot.com/commissioner-remains-concerned-about-nchsaa-s-future-says-no-specific-agreement-reached-on-hb-91/19892875/

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