BLAST FROM THE PAST: Rowan County’s biggest sports voice retiring

Published Sunday, May 7th, 2017

Here’s a Blast From My Past… written not by me, but by one of the state’s best writers about one of the state’s sports radio icons.

Normally, I would write my own reflections on Howard Platt and his decision to retire… but given this read I would be doing an injustice to even try.

I was blessed to work with the writer when I was sports editor of The Salisbury Post for a brief period — the position was the one I left The Charlotte Observer to take — and a plus of that job was working with Howard while living Salisbury.

Howard and I met many years before that, when my beat took me into Rowan County for high school sports, and it was always fun and something to look forward to if you knew Howard would be calling the game. I know thousands of people in Rowan County know exactly what I am talking about.

Sending best wishes to an old pal.

The voice of Rowan County sports: Howard Platt heads for retirement






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